ECHS Facilities to Ex-Servicemen

The Government has sanctioned 426 Polyclinics for Ex- Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS). 227 Polyclinics were sanctioned in the year 2002, all of which are functional. Due to increasing ESM population an additional 199 Polyclinics including 17 Mobile Clinics were sanctioned in October 2010, out of which 43 Polyclinics are operational, thus at present 270 Polyclinics are functioning. In addition the Government has sanctioned 15 new Regional Centers to strengthen the ECHS Services, out of which 6 Regional Centers are already functional. As on 1st March, 2012, there are 39,46,898 beneficiaries which include 12,34,069 ex-servicemen and 27,12,829 dependents.
The ECHS beneficiaries can avail treatment at state Government hospitals/Clinics. The cost of treatment at Government hospitals is reimbursed at the approved rates and 80% advance of the estimated cost of the treatment at Government hospitals/Clinics is admissible to the ECHS beneficiaries.
At present 1383 Private hospitals/Dental Clinics/Diagnostics Centers and Eye clinics throughout the country are empanelled with ECHS, where the ECHS beneficiaries can avail cashless treatment. In emergency cases, reimbursement is made at approved rates, even for treatment in non-empanelled hospitals.
This information was given by Minister of State for Defence Dr MM Pallam Raju in written reply to Shri Virender Kashyap and Shri Kuldeep Bishnoi in Lok Sabha on 26 Mar 2012.

Issue of Medicines to ECHS Beneficiaries

1. Representations have been received from ECHS members that tablets of drugs issued to them are often of strengths either larger or lesser than that prescribed. Hence getting the correct dose has to be done after breaking the tablet, on many occasions, into pieces or by taking multiple tablets.

2. It may be appreciated that ensuring correct dosages after fragmenting the tablet, specially by ECHS members who are old and frail, becomes a difficult task. On some occasions, it has resulted in either over dosage or less than the prescribed strength which could have been avoided.

3. In view of the above, you are requested to issue necessary instructions to all concerned so that drugs which are usually prescribed in different strengths, specially for chronic diseases, be provisioned to ECHS beneficiaries in the commonly prescribed strengths.

(G Ghose)
Dir (Med)
For MD

Authority: Central Org ECHS, Army HQ letter No: B/49762/AG/ECHS/Policy dt 20 Feb 2007

ECHS Polyclinic for serving personnel dependants

Families of soldiers, who are forced to travel to city centers for free medical treatment in military hospitals, may soon be able to avail the facility at their local ex-servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS) polyclinics.

A proposal in this regard is being worked out by the Army and plans are also on anvil for increasing the number of ECHS polyclinics in the remote areas are.

“It is view the army chief to make available medical facilities at the doorstep of the dependents of the serving jawan and officer residing in remote villages who otherwise could not get medical treatment,” Lieutenant General H L Kakaria, Director General Medical Services, Army said.

“A proposal for the same is being processed. According to the plan, the dependents of the serving soldier can avail treatment at the ECHS polyclinic where till now only ex-servicemen were entitled to avail treatment,” Lt Gen Kakaria said.

Already 219 ECHS polyclinic exist in different corners of the country and a proposal to set up 199 more in remote areas is being considered.

“The dependents of a serving soldier are entitled to medical facilities at military hospitals only. Their family members, especially the elderly, living in remote areas faced difficulty in traveling all the way to the service hospital. It was a cause of concern for our soldier. After the proposal is approved, things will be easier now,” he said.


‘Patients more satisfied with private health care services

The Hindu : Today’s Paper / NATIONAL : ‘Patients more satisfied with private health care services’.

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