How can You manage your Stress?

Stress is an emotionally disruptive or upsetting condition of mind which occurs in response to adverse external influences. Stress raises the level of adrenaline (a hormone & a neurotransmitter) and corticosterone (a 21 carbon steroid hormone) in the body, which leads to increase in the heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure and puts more physical stress on bodily organs. When some thing pleasant or unpleasant happens around you, which puts you in a state of strain or pressure, it is called stress.

Tips to avoid Stress:
1. Avoid stressful situation
2. Avoid extremes
3. Set realistic goals
4. Manage how stress affects you
5. Change how you see the situation
6. Change how you react to stress
7. Set Priorities
8.Take control of the situation
9. Discover new relaxation techniques
10. Figure out what’s more important
11. Exercise
12. Sleep.


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